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Road Accidents

occurs when a motor vehicle strikes or collides another vehicle, a stationary object, a pedestrian, or an animal.

Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident can result from many different scenarios while on the road. Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  1. Inattentive or distracted driver
  2. Texting while driving
  3. Failing to look before making a turn
  4. Excessive speeding
  5. Reckless driving
  6. Not obeying traffic laws
  7. Lack of signal

Considering the lack of protection and risk involved in operating a motorcycle, an accident can very easily lead to serious or catastrophic injuries. These injuries can be wide ranging and life threatening. Some of the most common motorcycle injuries that occur include:

  1. Brain Injuries
  2. Upper Limb Fractures
  3. Lower Limb Fractures
  4. Head Injury
  5. Neck Injuries (whiplash)
  6. Back injuries (broken vertebrae)
  7. Spinal Cord Injuries
  8. Nerve Damage
  9. Loss of Limb
  10. Paralysis
  11. Quadriplegia
  12. Internal Organ Injuries
  13. Amputation

Finding a Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

When a serious injury occurs and you want to hold the other party accountable for their actions or pursue compensation, you need to approach the legal process in a measured and deliberate fashion.

Knowing what to do after a traumatic experience could mean the difference between having to assume financial responsibility and receiving full compensation for all the related costs. We will help you achieve your goals in a timely and effective manner.

Our firm will aggressively pursue a fair and just result, using our extensive experience and substantial knowledge of the laws. Considering our strong track record, we have shown that we can stand up to the sometimes selfish interests of insurance companies and demand compensation on our clients’ behalf.

We at Cosmas LLC proudly represent individuals and families in their time of need.

The Limitation Act is a law that places a time limit on pursuing legal action in relation to negligent conduct. After the expiration of the statutory period, the injured person loses the right to file a lawsuit seeking money damages or other relief.

The Limitation Act begins at the time a claim accrues. The time limits for filing a personal injury suit:

  1. Personal Injury – 3 years
  2. Injury to Personal Property – 6 years

Although you do have years to begin the process, litigation can be at its most effective when undertaken immediately following an accident. Considering the costs and expenses from an injury can pile up very quickly, solving your legal troubles first will allow you to focus on getting better without the overarching worry that your financial well-being is at risk.