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Types ofInjuries

also known as physical trauma, is damage to the body caused by external force. This may be caused by accidents, falls, hits,   weapons, and other causes.

Lower Limb Injuries

Injuries to the lower limb will include injuries to the Legs, Knee, Ankle, Achilles Tendon, Foot and Toe.‚ÄčThe award for the leg would depend on whether there is amputation to one or both legs, whether it is severe, moderate or minor injury to one or both legs.

Awards for all the other injuries will also depend on whether the injury is severe, moderate or minor.

  1. For injuries to the ankle and achilles tendon, the injury can also be termed very severe and a higher award is awarded.

  2. For injuries to the foot and toe, it will also depend on whether there is amputation and whether there is a risk of osteoarthritis.

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