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Types ofInjuries

also known as physical trauma, is damage to the body caused by external force. This may be caused by accidents, falls, hits,   weapons, and other causes.


While a fracture is a common personal injury matter, the impact on each victim's life is usually very different. Age is often a factor in the severity of a so-called "simple" fracture. An elderly person may have trouble recovering and suffer permanent damage. Even the youngest and healthiest individual can have difficulty recovering fully from fractures that were caused by the following:

  1. Motorcycle/Bicycle Accidents
  2. Pedestrian Accidents
  3. Car Accidents
  4. Truck Accidents
  5. DUI Accidents
  6. Premises Liability Accidents

Fractures can be open or closed. If the broken bone punctures the skin, it is called an open fracture. Fractures may be classified as comminuted, compression,spiral, epiphyreal, depressed or greenstick fractures.

Fractures of different parts of the body carry different awards. A fracture can range in severity from a small crack to a compound fracture which occurs when the broken bone punctures the skin. The awards made for each fracture will depend on the type of bone fractured and the pain and suffering one has gone through as a result of the fracture.

For fractures at different parts of the body, please refer to the fractures under the relevant part of the body in this website.