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Personal Injury

can arise from road accidents, industrial accidents, injuries arising from medical negligence or other injury claims.

Dog Bite Injuries

Any dog, regardless of the size or breed, is capable of becoming aggressive and inflicting severe, even life-threatening injuries through a bite. Injuries caused by dog bites can include:

  1. Puncture wounds
  2. Fractures
  3. Nerve damage
  4. Permanent scarring and disfigurement
  5. Emotional distress, including PTSD
  6. Infections

Child Victim of Dog Bites

Unfortunately, a majority of dog bite victims are children. These attacks can be very serious, because children are more likely to suffer bites to the neck, face and head than adults.

Because of the child’s size in relation to the dog, dogs are less intimidated by children than they are adults. Younger children often lack awareness of how to behave around dogs, how to recognize a potentially aggressive animal, or possess the physical strength to defend themselves, making them particularly vulnerable to a dog attack.

We at Cosmas LLC will attempt to obtain damages which you or your child rightfully deserves.