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Criminal & Employment Matters

Criminal Law

We understand your anxiety of being investigated or charged with an offence as this relates to your freedom and liberty. In these cases, it is vital that legal advice should be sought as soon as possible. Here, we help to plan your legal case from the start and it is a responsibility we do not take lightly.

Our lawyers come from varied backgrounds including a former State Prosecutor from the Ministry. Being a former prosecutor has given her the invaluable knowledge and know-how to help you prepare an effective defence or obtain the best-case scenario. Our criminal lawyer is also a Committee Member of the Criminal Law Practice Committee of the Law Society of Singapore and a member of the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS).

Our work ranges from initial advice during police investigations, representations to the investigators or Prosecutors from Attorney General’s Chambers, preparing mitigations, conducting trials and appeals. We are well-equipped to represent clients in a myriad of matters including high-profile and/or complex and syndicated crimes. We have also defended youth and foreign offenders and our experience spans across handling all types of criminal breaches, whether in respect of minor offences to statutory offences to the most complex crimes.

Employment Law

We recognise your urgency to obtain valuable advice to protect either your employment or business interest. In employment matters, it is crucial to seek legal advice before entering or terminating a contract. In the event that you are now embroiled in a dispute with your employer/employee, it is also vital that you are aware of all your contractual and employment rights to allow you to advance your case in the best manner.

Our lawyer is a former Prosecutor with the Ministry of Manpower and is well-versed and knowledgable in employment matters. She has successfully resolved many employment disputes without the necessity of going to Court. Our clients include local and foreign expatriates and/or companies.

Our work ranges from providing consultations to advice you on your contract or employment positions as well as drafting/reviewing employment contracts. We are also able to offer urgent consultations in most matters.

We will handhold and/or guide you throughout the entire process, protect your rights and improve your legal position.

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