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Cosmas LLC is a boutique sized law firm whose only focus is in personal injury matters. It includes injuries arising from motor accidents, industrial accidents...

Welcome to Cosmas LLC

Cosmas LLC is a boutique-sized law firm which deals exclusively with personal injury matters. Such matters include injuries arising from motor accidents, industrial accidents, medical negligence and insurance policy related claims. Since the opening, the firm specializes solely in doing injury related claims. Since our firm only does personal injury claims, we ensure that all claims are handled expeditiously and satisfactorily.

Our focus is to ensure that all injury victims are compensated fairly and adequately. We also attempt to ensure that all claims are completed within 6 months after all documents have been obtained. Call us or come down to our office for a consultation. There will be no charges for consultation and or advice.

For enquiries, please contact us at 6536 4662 or email us at

About Cosmas LLC

Our founding director, Cosmas Gomez, is an Advocate and Solicitor who was called to the English Bar in 1994. Prior to establishing his own practice, Cosmas & Co, in 2004, he was working with several law firms since 1995 where his work involved dealing with personal injury litigation. Since then, our Cosmas has been practicing personal injury litigation exclusively and is known for his experience and accomplishment this area. His clients comprise of injury victims and the nature of their claims includes victims of road accidents, medical negligence, and industrial accidents. Serving local as well as the expatriate communities, Cosmas LLC aims to provide excellent and cost-effective legal advice and representation for all personal injury matters. Outside of work, our Cosmas Gomez is one of the founding members of the Catholic Lawyers Guild and is presently the secretary of the Catholic Lawyer's Guild and plays soccer for the Law Society.