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Welcome to Cosmas LLC

Cosmas LLC is a boutique-sized law firm which deals exclusively with personal injury matters. Such matters include injuries arising from motor accidents, industrial accidents, medical negligence and insurance policy related claims. Since the opening of the firm,...


Personal Injury Claims

Motor Accident

Motor accident injury claims must be commenced within three years from the date of the accident. The exceptions are if the victim is a minor or a person with a disability.


Industrial accident

Industrial Accidents injury claims are accidents that arose while victims were in the course of their work. Industrial accidents injury claims...


Medical negligence

Generally, there is no conceptual difference between medical negligence and negligence. The usual case will be brought under the tort of negligence...



Since it’s opening 15 years ago, the firm has solely specialized in doing injury claims. They include serious injury claims like bedridden and paraplegic cases arising out of a road accident.

Reported cases in the local papers include a 52 year old cyclist who was awarded $1.7m in damages and a 23 year old victim who was awarded $3.4m when she was paralyzed after a road accident. Whether the claim is large or small, the level of commitment and dedication to each matter is carried out to the best of our ability.