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Welcome to Cosmas LLC

Cosmas LLC is a boutique law firm specializing in personal injury matters. Such matters include injuries arising from motor accidents, industrial accidents, medical negligence and insurance policy related claims,...


Personal Injury Claims

Motor Accident

Motor accident injury claims are very common and thousands of such claims are made against negligent parties each year. Motor accidents can cause intense physical pain and mental anguish. Common injuries include:
  1. Neck injuries (e.g.. whiplash, neck sprain, cervical dislocation or damaged discs in the neck)
  2. Back injuries (e.g.. spinal cord injuries)

Industrial accident

Industrial accident injury claims involve victims that sustain injuries in the course of their work. The claim may be made under the Work Injury Compensation Act ("WICA") or under the Common Law. We are here to assist you in the process of claiming for a workplace injury

For an action to be commenced under the Common Law, there must be negligence or fault on the part of the other party...


Medical negligence

Generally, there is no conceptual difference between medical negligence and negligence. It will be brought under the general tort of negligence but occasionally, actions in the tort of battery or trespass to the person could be available.

It is well-established that doctors owe a duty of care to patients. To prove negligence, breach of this duty and causation will have...



Past Experience

  • Represented a Thai student whose legs were amputated after a SMRT train ran over them at a 15-day trial.

  • Negotiated a settlement of $3.4 million in damages for a client who was injured as a backseat passenger in a road traffic accident. She suffered spinal cord injury and was paralysed from the waist downwards.